21 March, 2009

Queenslanders have no real options - Democracy is failing us

Today Queenslanders will decide who leads our great State through the biggest challenge of modern times - the Global Financial Crisis.

{and the challenge of addressing anthropogenic climate change will not be addressed by Labor or the Liberal-National Party}

This election gives Queenslanders a clear choice;

{like choosing between syphilis and gonorrhea}

A choice between my Government's experienced leadership team, or Lawrence Springborg's untried and untested front bench - only Labor can provide stable majority government.

{by stable - she means autocratic}

A choice between my plan to shield the Queensland economy from the impact of the financial crisis,

{by continuing to exploit the natural environment like there is no tomorrow}

or Lawrence Springborg's plan to cut $1 billion by scrapping thousands of jobs in construction and vital services. How will that help our hospitals and schools?

{a tenuous leap of logic between jobs and hospitals and schools: by construction, she is referring to:
  • more roads for motor vehicles;
  • rail for coal miners;
  • centralised services like the water grid

During my 17 months as Premier, I've worked hard to keep Queensland strong.

{by strong she means arrogant and pig headed - particularly about Traveston Crossing Dam}

But I know my Government must work even harder to keep up with our rapidly growing population.

{rather than address the issue of population directly through regional planning and urban development plans}

That's why we've embarked on our record $17 billion building program - the biggest in the nation - that's creating 119,000 jobs.

{building stuff like shallow, leaky dams, sports stadiums and more freeways, bridges and tunnels for motor vehicles, whether we need it or not - with little thought to the consequences on Greenhouse gas emissions}

Unlike Lawrence Springborg, I won't cut those projects and will press ahead with building the roads, schools and hospitals we need for our future and protecting those precious jobs.

{precious jobs in the coal sector - who are funding the Government and the Opposition's election campaign}

My Government will work harder to support Queenslanders by further improving public services. Over the next three years, we'll deliver 1000 extra teachers, more literacy and numeracy programs in our schools, an extra 600 police, and 3500 extra doctors, nurses and allied health workers.
We'll continue investing in the nation's fastest growing health budget and build or rebuild 10 major hospitals around the State.

{treating the symptoms of a health crisis rather than community based preventative health strategies to keep people out of hospital}

My priority is protecting jobs because behind every job is a working family. I believe that at times like these, government must do more, not less, to give working families the support they need.
It has been a great honour to serve as Premier of Queensland. With your support, I'll continue to work hard to keep Queensland strong. Thank you.

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