10 April, 2009

a message to the LORD MAYOR - Campbell Newman

Dear Lord Mayor,

A quick note to wish you well for Easter (or facsimile) and congratulate you on doing a top job.

I am pleased to see the corporate social responsibility demonstrated by Brisbane City Council in the current economic climate. It is fabulous news to hear that the Northern Link project is “on hold” for at least two years. This provides Council with an opportunity to re-consider the options and perhaps even come up with a better idea (like an iconic mass public transport system for example). The new big, phallic, super buses are a fabulous idea and are one step closer to the light rail system that Council should have built decades ago.

I applaud the improvements to day to day services provided by the Council, including street sweeping and litter collection. I have taken advantage of a wide range of energy saving options available through the Council’s Green Heart CitySmart program and I am encouraging my fellow citizens to do the same.

I would also like to thank you for an outcome that you may not have anticipated. The proposal for the Northern Link tunnel provided an excuse for the people in my neighbourhood to start talking to each other. We are now discussing how we might collaborate on a “Community Garden” somewhere in our precinct. Councillor David Hinchliffe has be very helpful and supportive. In the first instance, I am becoming involved with the community garden proposed for Victoria Park (near Bowen Bridge Road). We are also looking for suitable locations within our own precinct.

While 2009 will no doubt be a challenging year for us all, there are tremendous opportunities to move towards a more ecologically sustainable and socially responsible society.

Kind regards,

Rowan Barber

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