11 June, 2010

World Mayor project: The Code of ethics and the Northern Link Tunnel

Dear Lord Mayor,

As a nominee for the 2010 World Mayor Prize, are you going to sign up to the City Mayors and the World Mayor Project Code of Ethics, which were established to promote, encourage and facilitate good local government?

Article 1 states that:
Mayors shall execute the office of mayor for the common good of their communities while refraining from actions that may harm other communities or the wider world. They shall take full responsibility for any acts performed by themselves or by members of their administrations.

If you proceed with the Northern Link road tunnel it will:
harm the community of Normanby;
emit an estimated greenhouse gas emissions at 32 000 tonnes of CO2e for construction of the project;
emit an estimated annual GHG emissions for the operation of the project of18 120 tonnes CO2-e (averaged over a 12 year period from time of opening).
This will contribute to the harm of other communities and/or the wider world.

What is the legacy you wish to leave for Brisbane and the wider world?

How do you wish history to treat you and how will you be remembered?


Rowan Barber

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