26 May, 2011

Sustainable Business Weekly QLD Edition [Green Tape, Climate, MDB]

Green Tape

The state of environmental compliance in the State of Queensland is in a state of emergency. That is why ASBG is including a session on how to stay out of trouble with the regulator at our next Environmental Management Seminar.

Anecdotal evidence would indicate Environmental Practitioners loathe to deal with the Department of Environment & Research Management (DERM).

The Greentape Reduction project is an attempt to streamline, integrate and coordinate environmental regulatory requirements under the Environmental Protection Act 1994. The project is a response to business and Government concerns that navigating the environmental regulatory framework has become diabolically complicated, while compromising environmental outcomes. This in turn can make it more difficult to comply with the law.

The project seeks to ensure Queensland’s regulatory framework is proportional to the environmental risk of the particular activity. The approvals process will also be simplified and clarified.

DERM representatives met with and invited comment from the Australian Sustainable Business Group (ASBG).

Officers from DERM will be consulting throughout Queensland over a six-week period, meeting representatives from industry. For further information plus detailed discussion of each initiative, please see the discussion paper and regulatory assessment statement or contact the department at epact.policy@derm.qld.gov.au or phone (07) 3330 5899.

Climate Commission

The Climate Commission is an independent body set up to provide information on climate change, and to help inform the debate. ASBG will provide some analysis of “The Critical Decade Report.” in coming weeks.

Murray Darling Basin

The Wentworth Group of Scientists have have walked away from the Federal Government's Murray Darling Basin Authority process, in protest.

Right now the Murray Darling Basin Authority are in the final stages of recommending how to deal with the water crisis and scientists are saying that the Authority is preparing to announce environmental water flows that are so low they won't save our nation's food bowl.

Even more worryingly, the Authority has cancelled all independent scientific review of the government's Murray Darling plan in an attempt to cover up their lack of environmental credibility.

Sand Mining on Straddie

As previously reported, on 22 March 2011, the Premier announced she would be shutting down mineral sand mining on Straddie in 2019. This announcement has created considerable uncertainty for Sibelco Australia's operations as well as the Straddie community.

The public debate over mining on Stradbroke Island has gone quiet recently. ASBG do not think there has been enough thought or discussion of the implications of this decision. ASBG encourages your feedback.

IWC’s Water Leader Scholarships

The International WaterCentre’s Water Leader Scholarships are now open to study the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management in 2012.

The program equips students with the integration, leadership and managerial skills to become part of an elite group of water leaders with sustainable and holistic solutions to global water and climate change challenges. The program takes a multi-disciplinary, whole-of-water-cycle approach. Apply online

ASBG June Seminars

Don’t forget ASBG QLD’s Environmental Management Seminar on Thursday 15 June 08:00-12:30 see attached flyer and programme.

The Association for Sustainability in Business Inc., 2011 Conference*

Not an ASBG Event

Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation 15-16 September 2011 Radisson Resort, Gold Coast, Australia

This year’s conference will boast a cutting edge program & feature over 40 presenters in keynote and concurrent sessions & workshops.

There will be two networking functions to maximise business opportunities along with free wireless internet for all delegates and exhibitors.

There will be an online Business-to-Business Forum, which enables registered delegates, presenters & exhibitors to network before, during & after the Conference.

"Zero Carbon Australia" by Beyond Zero Emissions

beyond Zero Emissions will be discussing their “Zero Carbon Australia Plan” on the 2 June 2011, 18.00 19:30 at the Hawken Engineering Building (50) Theatre 203

It is the plan for Australia to move to 100% renewable energy and zero carbon emissions in ten years, using technology that is commercially available right now!

The plan will be presented by Brad Schultz, a Mechatronic Engineer who works as an Energy Specialist for Honeywell reducing energy use in large commercial buildings

RSVP to ewbee.uq@gmail.com

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