04 February, 2009

the Normanby Protocol

The Normanby Protocol is a platform for personal carbon credits - capped and tradeable. The leaders of the world have completely failed to put in appropriate mechanisms to address the issues of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. It is time the citizens of the planet earth took matters into their own hands....In a flash of brilliance, one of the advisors on my personal board of directors has suggested a scheme which I have named “The Normanby Protocol”

It works like this. We calculate the global GHG inventory. (easier said than done). We then calculate the required reductions, necessary to stabilise global greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.....If we divide the total reduction of GHG’s on a mass basis by the number of people in the world, we can then calculate everybody’s personal GHG emissions reduction target....on a mass basis (not a percentage)....Everyone on the planet gets an allocated GHG emissions quota. If you use less than your quota you can sell it to someone else.

The next step will be assessing our respective lifestyles – including:
* the food we eat;
* the clothes we wear;
* the consumer goods we purchase;
* our household energy usage;
* our transportation choices;
* our vocations...

The objective is to establish a market to trade personal carbon credits. The primary objective is to reduce everyone's GHG emissions. Those who wish to can purchase "personal carbon credits" on an exchange. The income generated from the sale of "personal carbon credits" will be used for:
* projects to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the poorest of the poor;
* projects that help further reduce GHG emissions

Carbon Counters are a social enterprise to assist people assess their personal Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. Carbon Counters has been established to help individuals to put one's lifestyle on the scales, in a similar way to how the "weight loss" industry assists people to reduce their body mass through diet and exercise.

We are developing products and services to help you reduce your GHG emissions including:

* composting technologies;
* solar hotwater systems;
* energy efficient lighting...

We are developing expertise in providing advice on diet and how one can reduce GHG emissions through one's purchasing decisions. We are forming relationships and networks with other service providers who may assist you with transportation choices and vocational choices. We also provide consulting services to residential, commercial and industrial clients on energy and water efficiency.

for more information check out: carbon-counters.com

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