20 June, 2012

How much carbon tax will Brisbane City Council pay?

Captain Quirk is blaming the Carbon Tax for Brisbane City Council rate rises.... He has said: "rise could have been kept to 2.6 per cent, or $31.48 a year, if not for costs associated with the carbon tax, including landfill charges."

I am trying to work out how much Carbon Tax we will pay.

Brisbane City Council's NGER's data.

Registered Corporation Total scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions(t CO2-e) Total scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions(t CO2-e) Total energy consumption (GJ)
Brisbane City Council1 263,920 18,271 2,504,217

So we are looking at:
282,191 t CO2-e

At $23 a tonne:


1: Brisbane City Council has voluntarily provided information to the Greenhouse Energy Data Office (GEDO) concerning GreenPower renewable energy purchases, voluntarily surrendered Renewable Energy Certificates or offset scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions totals. This information has been published on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency website – www.climatechange.gov.au/reporting.

) directed my attention to information about capture of methane emissions from landfill:  Apparently there is no charge in 2012/13 2 help deal with the changes...

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