25 June, 2012

you wouldn't read about it!

There are three screens in front of me.

four corners is on TV: The Gina Rhinehart episode.

I am banging on the keyboard of my computer.

A twitter feed is on my phone beside me....

Some of my favourite people on twitter are journalists......but I am gravitating towards following people who reinforce my own view of the world.

I deliberately follow a few people who have a different view of the world, just to challenge "group think".

Day by day, I am watching from the sidelines as traditional business models for receiving news, views, information and entertainment are collapsing.  

So ....we need new business models.

How do I stay informed?

How much will I have to pay?

How do journalists earn livelihoods, if we all stop reading newspapers, listening to commercial radio or watching commercial television?

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