05 September, 2012

Mark McArdle: poo, wee and lifestyle choices

Is Mark McArdle taking an interest in Lifestyle Choices?

Minister for Energy and Water Supply
The Honourable Mark McArdle

Thursday, August 23, 2012
30-year Queensland water plan in pipeline
The Newman Government has announced a 30-year vision for affordable, secure, sustainable and high quality water and sewerage services is being developed as part of the Six Month Action Plan.

Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle said planning for Queensland’s future water sector was critical to delivering a reliable and cost effective water and sewerage service and to maintaining business growth and lifestyle choices.

“Delivering a long-term water plan to harness the benefits and reduce the risks associated with our State’s naturally-occurring climate (drought and flood), is an essential part of our plan for growth,” Mr McArdle said.

“In contrast, Labor’s failure to plan resulted in the south east Queensland water supply crisis, followed by a panicked, $7 billion investment in redundant water assets and massive price hikes.”

Mr McArdle said his department was working with other state departments and agencies to prepare a ‘whole-of-government’ discussion paper on the challenges and opportunities facing Queensland’s water and sewerage supply system.
“The biggest stumbling block to realising a clear 30-year water supply plan for Queensland is navigating the legislative, bureaucratic and jurisdictional maze,” he said.

“Water is not something that simply comes out of a household tap and goes down a drain.

“Sewerage management is a key cost to water businesses and has significant environmental impacts. We need to consider the broader water cycle and how to best implement solutions.”

Mr McArdle said he looks forward to hearing the views of the local government sector, especially water and sewerage service providers, industry experts, community and businesses.

“The success of Queensland’s water future relies on government, industry and the community considering the challenges and solutions together,” he said.

The Queensland Water Sector Discussion Paper, to be released in December 2012, will consider water security and reliability, public health and safety, environmental outcomes, liveability (integrated water and land-use planning), industry resilience (including industry skills), water for Queensland industries (including agriculture and mining), partnerships and engagement, and affordability.

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