21 December, 2012


As many of you may be aware, my contract with Queensland Urban Utilities has not been renewed.

My last day will be the 31 December 2012.

I commenced my career at Queensland Urban Utilities as an Audit and Compliance Officer, checking on safety and quality of water and sewerage construction projects including sewer main upgrades and water main pipe bursting. It was not long before I was seconded into the Contract Management of the construction of an additional overflow channel for the Luggage Point Sewage Treatment Plant.  

I really enjoyed the opportunity to manage the contracts for upgrades to regional lagoons, in some cases from procurement right through to construction. I also appreciate having the opportunity to be involved in a team working strategically to embed ecological and business sustainability principles into Queensland Urban Utilities’ procurement processes.

In the short term, I will be looking for another opportunity somewhere in the local, Australian Water industry.  I would be grateful, if anyone has some suggestions.

In the longer term, I shall be pursuing opportunities in International Development Assistance for water and sanitation in developing communities.

I will continue to seek support from Queensland Urban Utilities to assist reinventing the toilet and/or to work on local projects to improve access to toilets.

I have really enjoyed working at Queensland Urban Utilities. 

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