21 January, 2013


On 24 December 2012, my Scandinavian dishwasher broke down (again).

It is the third time a circuit board has burnt out.  I suspect there is a dodgy gasket or seal, somewhere in the machine, that has been allowing moisture into the electronics. The manufacturer has kindly agreed to replace the machine.

However, the replacement machine is being imported from Scandinavia. 

The net impact is I am manually washing my dishes everyday.  Washing them in the sink, in hot, sudsy water, just like we used to do as kids.  Washing dishes in the sink and draining them on a dish rack, them wiping them dry with a tea towel.

It is time consuming way to wash dishes.  It is inefficient.  Manually washing dishes in a sink, uses a lot more water then washing them in a dishwasher.  It is energy intensive. It is not as effective.

My kitchen has numerous appliances.  A kettle. A toaster. A refrigerator. A food processor. Hot plates. A convection oven. A microwave oven. As I wash the dishes, in the sink, my mind turns to Toilet 2.0 technologies.  

I use various 21 century, automated machines in the kitchen but apart from my electric toothbrush, I am still using technology from the last century in my bathroom: Bath, shower, sink, toilet.

....and it makes me wonder:

Why have electronics and automation transformed my kitchen, my laundry, my lounge room and my garage, while my bathroom has been left behind?

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