21 January, 2010

My poem about the alleged Senator Feilding

Did I ever tell you about Senator Fielding?
A climate science skeptic who would not be yielding...
Climate is changing, he did not dispute,
"But are humans at fault?" He would often refute.

To all fellow senators he sent a submission,
Steady temperatures versus skyrocketing carbon emissions.
He blamed the volcanos, he blamed the sun spot.
He doubted cars, coal & cows could be causing the lot.

He was alarmed & alert. He went on world trips.
He listened to experts - just pressurised drips.
The things that they told him were utterly apalling.
They showed him a graph of the temperature falling.

He came back with the graph & he went door to door.
He even had breaky with the prophet Al Gore.
"The temperature's falling" Steve Fielding would cry.
Just like Chicken Little had said of the sky.

He knew little of science & nothing of climate.
El nino, la nina variations in time, mate.
Mean global temperature may still be steady,
While local extremes, southern oscilations will eddy.

Steve's advice to the senate was sit back & wait.
For the deals at Copenhagen to decide on our fate.

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