23 November, 2012

Bad mother's club

Today I joined the Bad Mother's Club.

I sent my 3 year old to day care in her pajamas.

We were packed up and ready to go about 7:30.  I had the lunches made, bags packed and I was was dressed and ready for work.  My beloved had started a "early" shift, as a Midwife at a local maternity hospital.

I had my one year old on my back in a baby backpack and we were ready to go.

At this point, my 3 year old went into melt down.  She insisted she did not want to go to day care today.  She lamented that she had a sore finger.  She said she was tired. So she put herself back to bed.

I set the one year old down to play on the floor.  I logged on to work via web mail and started my working day.

Then I collected my one year old and loaded her back onto my back.  I collected my three year old.  She was wearing a tshirt and a pair of white draw string short with fish motives all over them (aka her "fishy pants") that she had worn to bed last night.

So off we went, with my three year old in her pajamas.

My beloved had plaited her hair (about 2 hours earlier) but after a melt down and a return to bed, her hair was looking a little ruffled.

I am a bad mother?

During the week, I had been discussing being a "bad mother" with my beloved.  Someone we know had been busted by the police for leaving her children locked in her car, while she ran into the pet food shop to collect a bag of dog food.  The windows were down a little. The car was not running. The car was cool.  The car was in her line of sight......but someone had called the cops.

Now, I don't think this women is actually a bad mother.  However, I am glad there are people out there, who would dob in someone for leaving the kids in the car.  I am the glad the police would respond to such a call.  I am glad I live in a society where people care enough to dob in so-called "bad mothers".

However, in this case, it was not like she had left the kids in the car park of the local club, while she played the pokies.

Everyday as a parent, I face challenges.  I face self doubt.

I think it is important to talk about parenting. Share our experiences. Share our failures and our successes. Refine our strategies.

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  1. Don't think you're a bad mother at all ... she'll probably never want to wear her pyjamas to daycare again!