04 November, 2012

Release of water from Coal Mines

Release of water from Coal Mines

Last week in Parliament, the question of excess floodwater in the coalmines in Central Qld, was raised.  In the last financial year, the Qld’s income from coal royalties was down considerably to what otherwise could have been expected.

Coal mining in Qld was severely affected by the 2010-2011 wet season and the flooding that occurred.

The Qld Government has been in negotiations with a whole range of stakeholders.  The Treasurer has announced the formation of the Resources Cabinet Committee to look at a whole range of issues that are affecting the resources industry in Qld including the release of contaminated water.

The Qld Premier stated that he has not been involved in discussions on the release of contaminated water from mines.  The Premier told Parliament that he had yet to receive a briefing; if there have indeed been detailed discussions with mining companies.

The Preimer assured Parliament that the Qld Government will not do anything to in any way degrade the feed water coming down the Fitzroy for their water supply.

The Premier went on to say that there is an important issue here that needs to be dealt with. For a long time there has been water in pits, and it is affecting jobs.  The floods of almost two years ago really have hampered production, because the large open-cut pits have filled with water.  The Qld Government is working with the mining industry and stakeholders to actually find those solutions.

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