24 May, 2009


Every day I am confronted by the way other people see the world.

Yesterday, a bloke came up to me on the street & started yelling at me for towing away his car.

At the time I was wearing a Brisbane City Council high Visibility vest (I was emptying rubbish bins). To him, I symbolised "the Council". The poor bloke was a disabilities pensioner. I was not without empathy. I called the Council Customer Service telephone line for him. They were at least able to tell him where his car had been taken and how he might go about retrieving it.

This morning another friend claimed that she needs a new car! In fact, what she wants and what she needs may be different things.

* Perhaps she need a new way of transporting her & her equipment around??

* Perhaps we need a new way of projecting her holographically on to a stage, such that she does not need to lug her equipment to a gig???

* perhaps she just needs more portable equipment????

Democracy appears to be a very cumbersome system. Politicians make assumptions about things we may want or need. Newspapers and opinion polls offer feedback on whether they think the politicians have it right.

How do I obtain the things that I need, in a way that does not compromise the ability of others (who currently share the planet or those who are yet to be born) to meet their needs?

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