31 January, 2012

DRAFT LETTER -Coles/Woolworths Price wars on fresh produce

Rowan Barber


Dear Manager

Re: Coles/Woolworths Price wars on fresh produce

Coles supermarkets launched a marketing campaign http://www.coles.com.au/Stores-Services/Freshness-Super-Specials.aspx slashing the retail price of selected fresh produce.

As the State Manager of the Australian Sustainable Business Group, I have concerns about the impacts on the ecological and economic sustainability of food processing industries, if these short term behaviours by Coles (and/or Woolworths) affect the supply chain in the long term.

I fear the upstream impacts on Australian farmers and the viability of their businesses. I also fear the downstream impacts on consumers of a restriction of variety. i fear smaller retailers may be adversely impacted. My over arching concern is a cost driven impact on ecological sustainability of agriculture.

I would like Coles (and/or Woolworths) to pay fair and reasonable prices to Australian farmers.

i am interested to know what step the ACCC will take to regulate the behaviour of Coles and/or Woolworths to protect the long term interests of consumers, suppliers, competitors and processors in the fresh produce industry.


Yours sincerely

Rowan Barber

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  1. Thanks for putting together this framework Rowan. I'm looking forward to sending something to this effect later today.

    Erin :)