18 August, 2012

A progressive story


I am both bored and time constrained and I have vague ambitions of becoming a writer.

Prompted by the posting of John Birmingham and a random drug induced post on twitter by Sally Piracha about her ambitions to be a romance writer: I would like to enlist the help of friends and strangers to crowd source a Romance novel.

So here is how it works.  We shall collectively create a story.

I will be the editor.  Your contributions will be published at my discretion.

The objective is to add a sentence or two at a time and attempt to maintain some sort of continuity and build on the character development.

What is the worst that can happen?

Our story is set in modern day Brisbane.  The genre is "Romance Novel".

.....and so we begin.....

Theo never liked his dead-end, clerical job in the Department of Public Works and Housing (or Housing and Public Works as they now called it), until he no longer had a job.


  1. As he shook the crumbs from his keyboard for the last time he remembered the promise he'd made himself on graduation day - armed with his philosophy degree he'd retire at 30, having changed the world while married to a European supermodel.

  2. He missed the gorgeous women of Technical Services Division but was actually glad to see the last of BEMIR. Short and tall, curvy & lithe everyday they made Theo smile.

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  4. He picked up archive box that he had stolen to carry out the stuff he had accumulated. He took the lift to the basement. As he waved at the CCTV, the bottom fell out the box and a coffee cup smashed on the squeaky concrete driveway.