03 August, 2012

SSEE Sustainability Assessment Training

Sustainability Assessment Training

The Society of Sustainability and Environmental Engineering are running a Two Day Course on the 29 - 30 August 2012.

Sustainability assessment is an emerging tool to direct decision making towards sustainability and deliver better outcomes for business and the community as a whole. In this course you will learn about the use of sustainability assessment as both a regulatory tool that goes beyond traditional impact assessment and an internal planning tool to transform organisational decision making and subsequent operations.

The aim of the training is to introduce participants to current thinking and understanding of sustainability assessment concepts, procedures and techniques. This includes:
·       Sustainability assessment principles, processes and issues
·       Sustainability as a tool for approval of new development proposals
·       Sustainability assessment to inform planning and discussion making within an organisation
·       A generic 7 step process framework for sustainability assessment of any proposals ranging from physical projects to plans and policy change
·       Various tools and techniques that can be usefully applied in sustainability assessments.
·       How to develop a sustainability decision-making protocol appropriate to a particular context, by drawing on relevant strategies and standards. To register please go to the event listing on the SSEE website.

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