16 April, 2013

vomiter? living with infants

I am the primary carer of my daughters: Ms R aged 18 months and Ms A aged three and a half.

They really are funny little creatures as they explore their own worlds and are learning language. 


I just love the language my daughters use and working together as a family to decipher the encryption.

My younger daughter (Ms R) speaks in one word sentences, which sometimes need translation by the elder sister (Ms A).  Ms R, the toddler's vocabulary includes:

Ms R is partially toilet trained, simply by imitating her sister, Ms A.


Last night Ms A was hiccuping after her bath and lying on our bed giving my beloved wife a cuddle. 

Hiccuping is unusual for her. My beloved wife asked her: 
Was she sick?  Did she have a sore belly? Did she want to vomit?  

Ms A said yes.

My beloved asked me to take Ms A to the bathroom and get a bucket in case she really was sick. 

Ms A then got really upset and she kept ranting that she wanted to vomit in her bedroom. 

My wife was mortified and kept saying no and Ms A should not vomit in her bedroom and definitely not vomit in her bed. 

The more this exchange happened between wife and daughter, the more the daughter became upset. 

My wife was getting concerned that she really would vomit all over our bed.  My wife was trying so hard not to laugh and find a strategic way to prevent Ms A from throwing up on our bed.

I took Ms A to her bedroom and she went straight to her cupboard and got my wife's digital thermometer off the shelf.

Ms A wanted me to check her temperature. 

So I finally realised Ms A was actually saying she wanted the "vomiter" meaning "thermometer" and really wasn't about to throw up. 

Another recent exchange with Ms A went as follows.

A: Daddy I need a surfboard.
A: I am going to escape
A: I am going to Ms R's Hospital
A: We are going to feed the babies with the Mummies Boobies.

I found her a swimming kick board in the cupboard.  

Ms A and Ms R stood on it and pretended to surf with their arms out.

Ms A and Ms R are about the same weight, though Ms A is lean and Ms R is relatively stocky.  Ms A wears sizes 2 to 3.  Ms A wears mostly size 1, but is growing into size 2's.

When my beloved came home from work late one night this week, she crept into Ms A's room and kissed her.   I had somehow dressed Ms A in Ms R's PJs. This was plainly obvious to my wife.  It was clearly the wrong size but in the heat of the moment of pulling two wet girls out of the bath, I had dressed them in each others PJ's.  My beloved thought it was such a funny look.  Fashion has never been been my passion.


We had gradually been losing all our tea spoons.  We were down to perhaps two. 

They had been slowly going missing over the past few weeks. 

I thought the girls may of been posting or hiding them in the rubbish bin, never to be seen again. 

My beloved and I kept asking Ms A if she had seen them. Ms A is usually pretty good at find missing shoes/hats/bottles.  

Then yesterday Ms A said to me: " Daddy what's this?". 

She was pointing to our mesh baby gate in the kitchen. The exchange kept happening and I kept saying its the baby gate. Finally I went over and found a hidden pocket in a seam that I didn't know existed, 

It contained 26 teaspoons and little forks in it. 

I suspect both Ms R and Ms A were thieving the cutlery and hiding it. Mystery solved.

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