25 October, 2011

Press release by Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

Engineers issue a call to action

Engineers at their national sustainability conference in Brisbane today issued a Code Red warning that the profession is prepared to take urgent action on climate change.

Delegates unanimously accepted the overwhelming evidence that the earth is warming and that it is linked to mankind burning fossil fuels.

According to Incoming chairperson Lara Harland, “If we accept the science on almost everything from heart surgery to aeroplanes, why won’t we accept the science of climate from the professionals who have studied it all of their working lives?”

Deane Belfield the outgoing chair said, “The Chinese use the same symbol for crisis and opportunity. We have both in front of us now, and must seize the opportunity. The risk of catastrophe is far greater than the risks of not acting.”

Engineers are eager to work with other professionals to use the tools at their disposal and bring about deep transformational change to sustainable living. A multi-state working committee has been formed with the goals of:

  • Supporting the scientists to convey their expertise and the urgency of the matter
  • Working with other bodies who understand the science and can contribute to solutions
  • Providing solutions that will work

With the knowledge that we have now, the risk of not acting is far outside the bounds of anything acceptable to a normal society. We have the tools if we use them now.

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