11 February, 2009

My "beef" with the Cole's Bush fire appeal

I noticed that Coles have an appeal on:

Shop at Coles for the BUSHFIRE APPEAL
Friday 13th
All profits for the day go to the BUSHFIRE APPEAL!!!


My suggestion is to not shop at Coles.

Buy unprocesed or less processed foods from markets or a "fruit & vege" shop....Perhaps one can eat vegetarian on Friday the thirteenth. Fresh Vego food is usually much cheaper than
processed food containing meat, dairy or refrigerated products.

Perhaps one can donate the savings to the Australian Red Cross, rather than letting Coles Corporate donate their profits. Cut out the middle person, support a local business or a primary producer& reduce your green house gas inventory for a day.


I am starting a "Facebook consumer collective" on facebook to test a hypothesis:The Null hypothesis is: "a facebook consumer collective can have no influence on the global green house gas inventory."I am hoping we can prove the Null hypothesis false....it may be a little hard to measure directly.

I would be happy if the outcomes was seen in more indirect ways. Either way, I think it is worth running the experiment.


One of the thing I hope to achieve is encourage consumers to eat less beef.

Every kilo of beef generates in the order of 51 kilograms of GHGs. A kilo of veges generates less than 0.1 kilograms of GHG.

in her book: "Green is good: Smart ways to Live Well and Help the Planet", Rebecca Blackburn writes:
"Are all foods equal or are some foods worse for the environment than others? The answer is pretty simple: anything made from animal products is resource intensive-that is,it uses more than its share of resources - especially if it is factory farmed....In fact one third of the average person's footprint is due to their intake of animal based food, which is far moer than the impact of driving a car or the energy used in our homes."

I am not suggesting everyone becomes vegan or vego. I am suggesting you can choose your sources of protein.

Kangaroo is better than beef. Lamb is better than beef. Dairy is better than beef.

Perhaps one can lower one's impact by eating less processed foods (including beef) and help the bushfire appeal, without needing to support Coles Supermarkets.



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