03 October, 2010

epilogue to sneetches

In Novemeber 2009, I wrote a poem (in this blog) about car addicts.

Here is the epilogue:

Then quickly, Sly-Can-do, he had a new dream,
Turn car addicts to cyclists with the CityCycle Scheme
Then, in their suits and their ties, they all pedalled about.
And they rang on their bells and they let out a shout,
It was cool, it was easy! The liked seeing the sights.
The car addicts now were addicted to bikes.

02 October, 2010

Dear Wayne Swan - Please POSTPONE the NLink

Wayne Swan

Federal Treasurer

Australian Federal Government

Dear Mr Swan,

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane is determined to sign contracts with a consortia: Transcity, comprising BMD, Ghella and Acciona and commence construction of the Northern Link Road Tunnel before the end of 2010.

It would appear that the Lord Mayor has failed to take into consideration the financial failure of the Clem7 and repeated warnings from the Queensland Treasury Corporation that building the Northern Link Road Tunnel might limit the Brisbane City Council's "ability to fund other capital expenditure and could result in deferral of projects".

I would much rather see the deferral of the Northern Link Road Tunnel, than a deferral of other walking, cycling or Public Transport projects or fabulous initiatives such as the purchase of renewable energy and more efficient litter prevention programmes.

Would you please delay or postpone any Federal funding for the Northern Link Road Tunnel until the Brisbane City Council and/or the Queensland Coordinator General can provide a current assessment of the financial, social & ecological risks?


Rowan Barber

30 Normanby Terrace NORMANBY Q 4059