22 January, 2010

your stars

21 March - 20 April
You need to understand the bigger picture. You are completely insignificant in the context of the universe (or perhaps the multiverses) and yet you have the audacity to burn (directly & indirectly) copious quantities of oil, coal & natural gas impacting the atmosphere of an entire planet.

21 April - 21 May
You have a more serious view of life at the moment as you endeavour to understand the deeper and spiritual undercurrents of your nature, of the situations that are occurring in your life now. Strangely you are completely disconnected from the impacts of your consumer behaviour on your planet & on developing communities.


22 May - 21 June
You haven't missed the boat if you've contemplated getting a new job. You have come to the revelation that your current employer has sweet bugger all corporate or social responsibility. You could continue to try to make changes from within but in reality you are just making the ecologically unsustainable practices of your employer more economically viable.

22 June - 23 July
You can feel safer in your home environment over this period of time, but don't allow this to turn you into a coach potato. By all means improve your energy efficiency and prepare yourself for the dual challenges of peak oil & climate change. Just don't hide behind your four walls. Start growing veges in your backyard and/or get involved in a local community garden.

24 July - 23 August
You are fraught with guilt at how blessed your life is (in relative terms to those in Haiti). This makes sense since you are part of the 9% of this planet’s human population that is using 40% of the world's resources and creating 45% of the world's waste. Perhaps you can offset your guilt by getting involved in international development, emergency relief and/or supporting Engineers Without Borders or facsimile.

24 August - 23 September
You're starting to get your daily routine in order now and this could be very depressing to you. Along with getting timetables and meetings in order, it's imperative that you consider your work life balance. Perhaps you need to put in perspective the reasons you need to go to work and what it is you actually spend your wages on. You work for people you don’t like, to earn wages to pay for stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have, at the expense of spending time doing the things you would prefer to be doing.

24 September - 23 October
You live under the illusion that there is safety in numbers. You chant in unison: “we are all individuals!” You are paranoid about putting your neck on the chopping block for the sake of proving yourself right or unique. If you keep your thinking in line with the group, you may miss out on an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Keeping up with the Jones has escalated into a race for acquisition of stuff, like some sort of cold war. It is up to you to sign the non-proliferation treaty.

24 October - 22 November
You just need to get away from the responsibility that others are placing on you now. You're probably stressed and feel as though one or even two people are pushing your buttons. You know the likely consequence if you don't step away and give yourself some relief now. Do yourself a favour and take some time out to reconsider you life’s ambitions.

23 November - 22 December
Combine your social pleasures with a creative enterprise just now. If you're feeling dry or a little uninspired it may have something to do with the fact that you've totally focused on the material side of life rather than the creative. You are living in a material world. You are disconnected from the air, the soil, the water and the sunlight that actually sustain your life.

23 December - 20 January
You notice everyone around you is miserable. You might feel compassionate but completely ill-equipped to help others. You need to understand, clearly at the outset whether you're even capable of helping someone in this situation at all. You need to realise that you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself. There is no point rushing into a fire to save someone, only to need to be rescued yourself.

21 January - 19 February
You may finally have to have that deep and meaningful talk that you've been postponing for some time. You may be nervous about it, but until you get it out of the road you're not going to feel peaceful. Just be honest, straightforward and call a spade, a spade. You will discover in the course of the conversation that all the advice you give will apply to yourself.

20 February - 20 March
You've probably felt some guilt in not being able to do your part for a greater humanitarian cause. You don't necessarily have to spend money to make your mark or help the needy. The old adage that charity begins at home is a good starting point. Assess what skills you could transfer to others or how much time you have to donate.

Advance Australia Fair Dinkum

Australian all let us rejoice, for some of us are young and most of us are free......
We have wind blown soil, coal, gas & oil that we ship overseas
Our land abounded in nature's gifts 'til we cut down all the trees,
In history's page let every stage invoke apologies.
whilst off our brains, sing once again
Advance Australia fair.

wearing tatoos of the Southern Cross,
We'll escalate the racial tension,
To make this Commonwealth of ours
known for mandatory detention,
For those who've come across the seas,
we'll keep them off the map,
and those who were already here,
we'll keep widening the gap
In painful strains sing once again,
Advance Australia fair.

21 January, 2010

My poem about the alleged Senator Feilding

Did I ever tell you about Senator Fielding?
A climate science skeptic who would not be yielding...
Climate is changing, he did not dispute,
"But are humans at fault?" He would often refute.

To all fellow senators he sent a submission,
Steady temperatures versus skyrocketing carbon emissions.
He blamed the volcanos, he blamed the sun spot.
He doubted cars, coal & cows could be causing the lot.

He was alarmed & alert. He went on world trips.
He listened to experts - just pressurised drips.
The things that they told him were utterly apalling.
They showed him a graph of the temperature falling.

He came back with the graph & he went door to door.
He even had breaky with the prophet Al Gore.
"The temperature's falling" Steve Fielding would cry.
Just like Chicken Little had said of the sky.

He knew little of science & nothing of climate.
El nino, la nina variations in time, mate.
Mean global temperature may still be steady,
While local extremes, southern oscilations will eddy.

Steve's advice to the senate was sit back & wait.
For the deals at Copenhagen to decide on our fate.