16 February, 2011

the day RiverWalk died

A short, short time ago,
I can still remember,
The RiverWalk I used to ride,
And If I had just once more chance,
I have it secured to the banks,
Not let it float away on Brisbane's tide.

But February made me shiver,
The budget cuts "Can-do" delivered,
Bad news on the internets,
I couldn't take one more step.

I do remember that I cried,
During "we breed them tough" by Anna Bligh,
But something touched the bike I ride,
The day RiverWalk died.

So bye, bye RiverWalk on the tide,
Getting heavy on flood levy,
But we all can see why,
I can't stop Northern Link but I am willing to try....
In front of bulldozers, I will lie,
In front of bulldozers, I will lie...

.....to be continued...........

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