23 May, 2011

Green Tape

The state of environmental compliance in the State of Queensland is in a state of emergency. That is why ASBG is including a session on how to stay out of trouble with the regulator at our next Environmental Management Seminar.

Anecdotal evidence would indicate Environmental Practitioners loathe to deal with the Department of Environment & Research Management (DERM).

The Greentape Reduction project is an attempt to streamline, integrate and coordinate environmental regulatory requirements under the Environmental Protection Act 1994.

The project is a response to business and Government concerns that navigating the environmental regulatory framework has become diabolically complicated, while compromising environmental outcomes. This in turn can make it more difficult to comply with the law.

The project seeks to ensure Queensland’s regulatory framework is proportional to the environmental risk of the particular activity. The approvals process will also be simplified and clarified.

DERM representatives met with and invited comment from the Australian Sustainable Business Group (ASBG).

Officers from DERM will be consulting throughout Queensland over a six-week period, meeting representatives from industry. For further information plus detailed discussion of each initiative, please see the discussion paper and regulatory assessment statement or contact the department at epact.policy@derm.qld.gov.au or phone (07) 3330 5899.

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