14 March, 2012

A proforma for writing an LNP Policy

A CanDo LNP will act to [insert aspirational objective] by [insert knee jerk response with an arbitrary budget or no social or environmental impact assessment].

An LNP Government will invest [insert a shit load of money] into a package which will [reiterate impossible objective in different words].

The LNP will grow a four pillar economy across our industry, and understands the importance [reinterate aspirational objective again].

The tired 20 year Labor Government has ignored the needs [list some vested interests].

[Insert an oversimplification of problems being experienced]

The LNP is committed to delivering a strong, viable, healthy and sustainable [insert industry].

Under the Bligh Labor Government [insert industry] has struggled and many [insert vested interest] face an uncertain future.

The LNP is committed to the health and wellbeing of [insert industry] and will undertake a [insert shitloads of money] program in consultation with the industry.

[Promise unrelated but attractive consequences].

[Suggest some superficial changes that are easily delivered by make no significant difference, like moving responsibility to another Department and refer to cutting waste a lot]

{Suggest handing back control to a group of stakeholders who are currently already in control}.

The LNP understands [Insert activity] is very much a part of life in Queensland.

It's time for a change. With your help a strong and united LNP Government will get Queensland back on track.

LNP Policy Commitments:

  • [insert shitloads of money]
  • [promise extraordinary outcome]

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