17 March, 2012


My beloved wife has started a career in direct sales?

She has been sucked into the cult of party plan.

She is not in a pyramid scheme but she does appear to be at the base of a pyramid.

It makes me wonder is direct sales going to mean the end of retail?

My beloved sells apparel (which is relatively consumable) and she also sells a kitchen appliance (which is more like Capital Equipment).

She is working for commission only......and it is bloody hard work.

So why does she bother?

>>>>We have infants.....and we don't particularly want to "outsource" parenthood.

In a some what traditional way, I go off Monday to Friday, to work in shit (quite literally) to bring home some bread (euphemistically). On weekends & evenings, I stay-at-home, while my beloved goes door to door.

My beloved Wifey provides the majority of the child care for our two daughters. She is juggling the responsibilities of motherhood & Business Development Manager. Her vocational skills have been derived from a career in Midwifery and Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical Sales.

Since her recent career change, her hourly rate has dropped significantly. The attraction of a career in Direct Sales is the compatibility with parenthood.

I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a couple of years as a part-time, stay at home Dad. Now I work, a 72.5 hour fortnight, juggling the responsibilities of provider, parent, husband & volunteer in the fight against diahorreal diseases....

.....to be continued

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