17 February, 2012

Sustainable Business Weekly QLD Edition [supply chains, DERM, water, election]]

Sustainable Procurement

The Australian Sustainable Business Group in Queensland is looking for expressions of interests from individuals and organisations to submit abstracts and proposals for a Sustainable Supply Chain Conference in Brisbane on Tuesday 5 June 2012.

ASBG (QLD) would welcome abstracts for presentations &/or workshops that address the following themes:

· Bring down costs whilst delivering sustainability;

· Develop an effective sustainable procurement strategy aligned to organisational goals;

· Align your procurement processes to ensure engagement from suppliers;

· Effectively monitor the sustainability progress and competence of supply chains;

· Understand how much one can expect from suppliers and ensure it works for them too;

· Create a team of sustainability champions from one’s procurement team;

· Understanding how BS8903 and a range of other tools can help one overcome these challenges.

30 April 2012 – Abstract/proposals Submission deadline


The State Opposition have been critical of the Qld Labor Government’s environment credentials indicating that the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)’s poor management was responsible for its ineffectiveness in administering and enforcing legislation.

An LNP Government would repeal the Waste Reduction & Recycling Act & would probably disassemble DERM. Shadow Minister for the Environment Andrew Powell said there’s no proper rigour & reporting in the management of waste in Qld.

Andrew Powell cites Auditor-General reports accusing DERM of focusing on outputs then outcomes when it came to mitigating risks to the environment.

Mr Powell was also quoted as saying: "Regional Queensland was subjected to inconsistent monitoring and compliance from the department and there was appalling and limited oversight to assist regions plan effectively."

This week the LNP Candidate for the seat of Ashgrove: Campbell Newman: pledged to split DERM into a mining and energy department, a resources department, and environmental regulation department.

The Qld Water Commission (QWC) which is currently supposed to be overlooking water issues in the Coal Seam Gas Development sector. Mr Newman proposed to scrap the QWC.

Water blame game

The institutional arrangements for the delivery of water & sewage treatment services are in a state of great flux.

It remains to be seen if either the Labor Party or the LNP (or any of the minor parties) can offer some rational solutions for restructuring the water sector in South East Queensland.

As a part of a first world country, SEQ has more complicated arrangements than most developing communities but our State & Local Authorities still can't get our proverbial together.

As a society, we flush and forget. The only reminder we get is the water utilities bills (which are now capped at CPI).

Our Municipal authorities have fragmented service delivery & are still dumping (treated) sewage effluent into Moreton Bay, while the infrastructure for water recycling (at Bundamba) is running on idle.

The retiring Energy and Water Utilities Minister: The Honourable Stephen Robertson said the time had come for LNP Leader Campbell Newman to come clean on whether or not he expects Logan and Redlands ratepayers to share the cost of disestablishing Allconnex.

Mr Robertson also called on Mr Newman to reveal how he plans to pay for his as yet un-costed four point water plan. The South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill was debated in Parliament this week in the last sitting before the election. While the LNP were critical of the Government, they did not oppose the legislation.

Qld State Election 24 March 2012

The Queensland Conservation Council has prepared a list of their environmental priorities for the next election. The priorities cover protected areas, special places, marine, sustainability, fossil fuels and mining and legal reform. http://www.qccqld.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=524&Itemid=2

AgForce Queensland (AgForce) considers itself as the peak body representing thousands of Queensland primary producers. AgForce has been in regular communication with politicians from both Labor and the LNP

to shape their policy platforms in the lead up to the 2012 election.

AgForce’s efforts are directed in five major policy areas: Land management, Rural and regional economic development, Transport and infrastructure, Biosecurity & Industry image.http://www.agforceqld.org.au/file.php?id=1285&open=yes

Closer to the election, the Australian Sustainable Business Group will also publish a key list of issues, based upon dialogues with all the major (and minor) parties. Please contact Rowan@asbg.net.au if you have particular concerns.

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