10 February, 2013

carmichael coal-mine and rail

Adani is proposing to develop a 60 million tonne (product) per annum (Mtpa) thermal coal mine in the north Galilee Basin approximately 160 kilometres (km) north-west of the town of Clermont, Central Queensland. All coal will be railed via a privately owned rail line connecting to the existing QR National rail infrastructure near Moranbah, and shipped through coal terminal facilities at the Port of Abbot Point and/or the Port of Hay Point (Dudgeon Point expansion). The Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project (the Project) will have an operating life of approximately 90 years. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Table 8-6 outlines the average greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions predicted for each project in the Study Area. The total GHG emissions for projects in the region for which emissions data is available is 13.0 MtCO2-e per annum. The Project’s contribution to cumulative greenhouse gas emissions is considered to be of low significance.  However, the study does not take into account any of the emissions for transporting the product over vast distances or indeed the emissions associated with burning the product as a fuel.

From Table 8-6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Project Greenhouse Gas Emissions Average
Emissions: Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project Mine:  2,286,000 (t CO2-e / yr) plus 637,000 (t CO2-e / yr) for the rail project.

 The project's impacts on matters of national environmental significance are being assessed under a bilateral agreement process.

The Coordinator-General will consider your submission as part of his assessment of the project's environmental impacts.

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 11 February 2013.

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