11 March, 2013

cuts to Qld energy sector red tape

I find it curious that the Qld State Government is using the introduction of the carbon tax as the justification for removing funding for renewable energy, gas and energy efficiency programs etc.....

....when the Federal opposition is adamant that it will remove the carbon tax:

Read the following statement from the Member for Caloundra:

Minister for Energy and Water Supply
The Honourable Mark McArdle

Friday, March 08, 2013

Further cuts to Queensland energy sector red tape

The Newman Government continues to cut red tape from the State’s energy sector, including closing a program which forces businesses to report their electricity use to government.
Energy Minister Mark McArdle said the State Government was closing  the Queensland Gas Scheme and the Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP) and repealing standards for new coal-fired power stations.
“These schemes, introduced by the previous State Government, have largely achieved what they set out to do and are no longer required,” Mr McArdle said.
“The Queensland Gas Scheme requires electricity retailers to source 15 per cent of their electricity from Gas Fired Generators, to encourage investment in gas fired electricity generation and boost gas production across the state.
“The scheme has served its purpose, with nearly 20 per cent of electricity currently being sourced from gas generators.
“Since Carbon Pricing, introduced  in July 2012,  is achieving similar outcomes, now is an appropriate time to remove duplication and cease the Scheme.
The Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP), requiring businesses using a certain amount of electricity,  to report their energy use to government, will also be closed.

Mr McArdle said Queensland businesses should identify energy savings to boost their bottom lines and not be forced to report these savings to Government.

“This requirement was adding red tape for no reason and the Government will not undertake any compliance activity for outstanding obligations under the SESP.”

Mr McArdle said standards for new coal-fired power stations would be abolished as they had been replaced by the introduction of carbon pricing and  no additional environmental benefit would be achieved by continuing the policy.

“The repeal of these standards will strip away the administrative burden and complexity for investors. It will allow them to select  the most appropriate technology for their needs and brings Queensland into line with all other states and the Federal Government,” he said.
”Also, based on current demand,  it is unlikely there will be a need for an additional coal-fired base load generator in Queensland within the next decade.
The Department of Energy and Water Supply will provide guidance to participants as they transition out of the two closing schemes and help energy providers understand any changes as a result of the repeal of standards on new coal-fired power stations.”
[ENDS] 8 March, 2013

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