09 March, 2009

Qld Greens are too soft core

Our politicians have failed us.

We cannot sit and wait for them to act on Climate change. Clearly they are not going to.

Every consumer choice we make is a vote for or against the planet. If everybody (including industry) stopped buying coal fired electricity, they might actually stop making it.


Rowan Barber

Carbon Counters Pty Ltd


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Subject: FW: Ronan Lee eNews - a commitment to jobs, light rail and new rail links

Ronan Lee
Incumbent Member for Indooroopilly

Dear Ronan,

I am frustrated with the QLD State election campaign. Even the Greens seem to miss the point.

You and Drew have a few ideas but in reality the Greens appear to be so focused on appealing to the mainstream that they are missing the critical issues.

Cars, Coal & Cows cause Climate Catastrophies!

Climate change is one of the most significant global threats today and the issue is of major public concern in Australia. Yet we find that substantive action on climate change within the state of Queensland is sadly lacking.

The reality of the situation is that drastic structural changes will be necessary to break my society's addiction to fossil fuels.

The QLD Greens are still very soft core.


Rowan Barber
Non-Partisan Climate Advocate

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Subject: Ronan Lee eNews - a commitment to jobs, light rail and new rail links

Ronan Lee MP - Indooroopilly eNews March 8th, 2009
In this edition:
1. Ronan Lee launches Greens campaign with commitment to jobs, light rail, new rail links
2. Greens announce plans for FREE public transport for students and young people
3. Sustainable jobs package for Queensland
4. Do you need a Postal Vote?

1. Ronan Lee launches Greens campaign with commitment to jobs, light rail, new rail links Ronan Lee yesterday launched the Greens campaign for the Queensland State election with a commitment to a new light rail network for Brisbane, a plan to create jobs by making Queensland the renewable energy and sustainable industry capital of Australia and new rail links to Bellbowrie (via Darra), Toowoomba, Redcliffe and a passenger service for Beaudesert.
New Light Rail Plans The Greens will build a light rail network for the Greater Brisbane area.

This will include:
* A Northern Line to Aspley
* A North-West Line to Bridgeman Downs
* The Gap Line to Brisbane Forest Park
* The Western Line through Kenmore and Moggill, linking up with the Ipswich rail line
* The University of Queensland Line and
* The Eastern Line to Capalaba.
* The South East line – making use of the existing busway.

Queensland’s bus ways are designed to be capable of running light rail and we will make sure that we take full advantage of this.

This light rail network will fill in gaps in the heavy rail system and give Brisbane a world class public transport system. We would be applying to the Federal Government under their new public transport funding program to underwrite part of the cost.

A helping hand for renewable energy to create jobs Our vision for a new Queensland is based on building a diverse, strong economy that pollutes less, generates clean energy and employs more people.

The Greens want Queensland to be the world leader in the creation of green jobs and we want green companies to come to Queensland. These companies sometimes need a helping hand when they are locating in Queensland for the first time.

The old parties were quick to give financial incentives to the Indy car race and Virgin airlines but they have refused the same opportunities for manufactures of solar cells.

For the lack of any meaningful incentive from the State Government the Spark Solar company, which has been given Major Project Facilitation status by the Federal Government and which has the potential to be the largest supplier of solar cells in the Southern Hemisphere, states on its web site that it is looking to base themselves in one of the southern cities. At full production, the factory is initially expected to produce more than 10 million solar cells each year, generating an estimated $135 million in annual export revenue and employing more than 115 Australians in high tech positions.

The Queensland government’s refusal to understand the potential of renewable energy is costing Queenslanders jobs and holding back our economy.

The Greens will waive all State Government levies, fees and charges for any company generating green jobs that comes to Queensland. This won’t cost the taxpayer one cent because these are new companies.

New Rail lines Green action will create jobs by building new rail links to Toowoomba, Redcliffe, Bellbowrie via Darra, a passenger service for Beaudesert and speeding up construction on the Springfield and Sunshine Coast lines.

New trains built in Queensland and new rail lines mean more jobs for Queenslanders, a better transport system, less traffic congestion. This is win-win but the old parties can’t see the job opportunities here.

And we will fund these important commitments from the massive savings that will be made when we stop pointless billion dollar road proposals like the Kenmore Bypass. Our plan will solve transport problems not just shift them the way the old parties would.

2. Greens announce plans for FREE public transport for students and young people The Greens today announced at the University of Queensland Market Day a plan for free public transport for young people in Queensland.Under the Greens' plan young people under 22 years of age and all students would ride free on all trains, buses ferries and CityCats.Greens MP for Indooroopilly Ronan Lee said such a policy was important because it provided young people with free public transport to encourage them to use and learn more about the system before they learned how to drive. This means they were less likely to become habitual car drivers.Students and young people would register for an EasiCard which would use the GoCard system and provide them with free transport."This scheme would cost the State Government $40 million a year but this would be more than compensated for by such benefits as improving safety around schools by reducing the number of vehicles dropping off students," Mr Lee said."This is a congestion-busting policy and would save future governments from having to build new roads."There's a short-term cost to the government with a long-term benefit to the community."
For more info visit: http://www.ronanleemp.com/

3. Sustainable jobs package for Queensland Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Greens MP Ronan Lee launched a plan to create more than 7600 green-collar jobs in Queensland.
Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Greens MP Ronan Lee launched a plan to create more than 7600 green-collar jobs in Queensland.

"The Greens will create thousands of green-collar jobs in Queensland by retrofitting homes for energy efficiency and investing in clean energy infrastructure," Senator Brown said.
"Unlike President Obama, who has committed to creating 5 million green-collar jobs, the state and federal Labor governments are spending taxpayers' money to support big banks, big polluters and big developers.

"The Greens EASI-Q program will retrofit Queensland homes with better insulation and solar hot-water tanks, reducing power bills for ordinary Australians and creating 3,200 jobs by its fifth year of operation,” Senator Brown said.

Greens MP Ronan Lee said the Labor and Liberal parties were locked into an old approach to job creation.
"There’s not a single environmentalist or renewable energy expert on the Premier’s so-called Jobs Squad," Mr Lee said.
"The Greens want to see Queensland develop an economic base that continues to create jobs into the 21st century. That’s why the Greens would invest in two 250 megawatt solar power stations for Townsville and the Darling Downs," Mr Lee said.

The solar power stations will cost a total of $4 billion, with State and Federal Governments underpinning half the cost. The development of the clean energy infrastructure will create 4,000 jobs in the construction phase with 400 ongoing jobs.

4. Do you need a Postal Vote?
If you will be away or unable to get to a polling booth on election day you can apply for a Postal Vote by downloading a form by visiting file://www.ronanleemp.com/ or you can phone Ronan on 3878 1928 or email ronan.lee@parliament.qld.gov.au and he will arrange a Postal Vote for you.

Authorised: Drew Hutton, 49 Station Road, Indooroopilly for the Greens.

Ronan Lee MP State Member for Indooroopilly Queensland Greens
Ph: 3878 1928 Ground Floor, 49 Station Road Indooroopilly Qld 4068


  1. I agree - consumers hold the power, not the companies. Yet I don't think they are light green by proposing infrastructure plans that are 5 years down the track - pardon the pun, but the light rail will take at least that long to construct, get the green power stations constructed to power them, and transition into. The current coal power stations won't just switch off over night. What is needed is 'the plan' to transition to that, and perhaps it exists somewhere. Obviously it requires a lot of smart minds to come together to create such a plan and a budget could be devoted to research to get results rather quickly one would think. Consumers need to think about what can be done now - and the proposal for better food labeling is just one way the message will get across.

  2. Suggestion: Make public transport free for all now. Use buses until light rail is built. Move society away from the auto and sprawl. Give the suburbs to the organic farmers.