14 July, 2011

Opening the Green Door

Opening the Green Door for sustainable development projects

Deputy Premier and Local Government Minister Paul Lucas announced that the Green Door is now open and the Green Door Information Paper is now available.

Mr Lucas said the Green Door is a State Government initiative, developed in conjunction with local government and industry to accelerate the development assessment of exemplary sustainable 'green' developments in Queensland.

"Through the Green Door the State Government will work with the applicant, the relevant local government and other stakeholders to fast track the assessment of projects displaying the 'best of the best' in green credentials," he said.

"A truly first rate sustainable development should not only be environmentally green, but also have a demonstrable positive impact on amenity, the economy and community wellbeing.

"Features could include the delivery of planning and economic priorities in a particular region, a significant reduction of water, waste and energy, the creati on of permanent jobs or the provision of innovative and effective sustainable transport options.

"We welcome the development industry to knock on our 'green door' so that we can help them to deliver the most sustainable developments in Queensland," Mr Lucas said

Green Door aims to encourage leadership and innovation in sustainable developments by offering the 'fast track' opportunity to only the highest achieving projects.

"The State Government has dedicated case managers who will be able to deal with up to six of the most sustainable development proposals at a time across Queensland," Mr Lucas said.

"Case managers will work collaboratively with local governments and referral agencies to assist the applicant to make an application that minimises delays and the need for an information request once it is lodged.

"The Green Door will reduce the time taken in the information and referral stage with added certainty upfront that the project will proceed smoothly through the process, allowing the delivery of sustainable projects sooner. Local and state Government assessment teams will work with the applicant every step of the way and provide clear advice on what they can expect before their application is lodged,
"This will save the applicant both time and money in holding costs while their application is assessed," Mr Lucas said

The government has been working in great detail with key industry groups to develop the Green Door Information Paper.

"The Green Door program is a great opportunity to fast track projects aiming to deliver exemplary environmental outcomes, that because of their unique nature, can sometimes become bogged down in the approval process," Mike Roberts, Acting Executive Director of the Housing Institute of Australia, said.

Brian Stewart, Chief Executive of the UDIA said the UDIA has provided the strongest support for sustainable development for a number of years.

"The UDIA launched and delivered the EnviroDevelopment branding nationally, and this initiative by the Government will add value and opportunities to our members who are committed to providing for a sustainable future."

In March and April this year 10 Green Door workshops were held throughout the state involving 138 participants with 30 local government officers representing 19 local governments, 66 state government officers and 42 development industry representatives.

The Green Door is a strong example of local and state government working together to improve our processes and support the development industry deliver developments that will protect our environment, promote economic growth and improve liveability.

"I want to know of exemplary sustainable development proposals so that we will be focussing our energy and resources on the proposals that will deliver the biggest bang for our buck", Mr Lucas said.

For more information vis it the Green Door website www.dlgp.qld.gov.au/greendoor
Green Door Advisory Committee organisations:

* Property Council of Australia;
* Green Building Council of Australia;
* Housing Industry Association;
* Centre for Subtropical Design, QUT;
* Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand;
* Planning Institute of Australia;

* Premier's Council on Climate Change (guest)

Media contact: Thea Phillips 0400 232 341

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