06 March, 2009

Environmental Management

I started a new job last night.

It is Environmental Management at its most fundamental.

I empty rubbish bins, ash trays and pick up litter.

Up until November last I was a Public Servant. I joined the QLD State Government to gain some insight into working with Bureacracy.

My ultimate goal is to work in Santitation & water in developing communities. As 7 year old child sitting in Sunday School, I listened to the missionaries describe the plight of poor people in exotic places. I did not want to go to try to save people (from their sins), I just wished I could give them water to drink and designated places to poo.

That's what got me into the profession I am now in now and has influenced my career. I have worked in industrial water & waste water in order to gain some process engineering skills. I have worked in sales to develop interpersonal skills.

Currently I am collecting waste and learning a great deal about my own society and some of the things that i would not like to see replicated in developing communities. I suspect my own society has much to learn about "resilience" and how to survive with out fossil fuels, from developing communities.

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