31 March, 2011

boys light up

The following is written to the tune of "Boys Light Up" by Australian Crawl

David Reyne's original lyrics were unintelligible anyway.....

I cycled past my neighbour’s homes
In Ashgrove, the seat of Kate Jones
Where Campbell campaigns day & night.
His hopes are up for Premier
but Ms Jones is putting up a fight.

Torak tractors sit in every drive
The grass is green, the streets are wide
The candidates pork barrelling
The electorate is carolling
They’ve got one point eight billion reasons
To oppose LegacyWay

CanDo thinks he's Joh incarnate
But that Kate Jones
She will not wait
She’s out on the campaign trail
will she oppose LegacyWay?

It’s all de ja vu
This is nothing new
Campbell is channelling Joh
Oh no, no, no, no, no,... then...
Queensland votes

Begrudgingly they go to the polls
Brisbane & its budget
Are now tunnelled full of holes
Campbell’s nominating
to reap what he didn't sow
With a legacy of debt
but no regret
Now he’ll give George Street a go

Out west & north they drill for gas,
Prime ag land salinated,
Just to bring in short term cash.
Kate’s going through the motions
Adaptive management to sell,
That great artesian basin,
will be full of holes as well.

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