19 June, 2011

confessions of a toilet cleaner

Up until recently, I earned a livelihood by picking up rubbish, emptying garbage bins and cleaning toilets in my city....

This is my story:

I was walking in the Mall
When I saw a cleaner, cleaning.
He was actually emptying the bins
Not on his broom a leaning.

I asked him, how he was that day
He sighed but did not slow up,
For he was on a double shift,
For his replacement had not shown up.

I thought a bit, and then I stopped
Why was a cleaner called for?
What could cleaner in high viz
Be cleaning in the Mall for?

Soon I swept up and emptied bins,
And made the bins all shiny.
My colleagues they would moan and whinge,
They sounded rather whiny.

Yet I swept up. I cleaned up fast
As fast as I could go, sir.
I cleaned the loos, I mopped up stains
But did I whine, well. No, sir.

After that two years went by.
I cleaned from two to ten
I spent mornings as a stay home dad
Unlike most other men......

Well, while I cleaned my city.
More poetry I’d write
And letters to the editor
I’d write with all my might

I learnt how best to use a mop
I drove big diesel sweepers,
I learnt to use a scrubber while
I tweeted to my tweeters

.......to be continued

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