14 May, 2012

Bat guano crazy

Our planet is populated with plenty of Bizarre and astonishing creatures. 

Here are some examples from the Bat Family, without the need for resorting to fiction. 

Sucker footed bat

Red Winged Fruit Bat

Home Insulation batt

Today the new Qld Environment Minister, Andrew Powell, says the kill permits will only be issued as a last resort.

ANDREW POWELL spoke today on ABC radio: Flying foxes are native fauna that are protected under Queensland legislation and it's about getting that balance right so that we can continue to have a sustainable flying fox population but also agricultural production. 

Farmers will need to demonstrate that they have tried more humane methods of relocating or moving on flying fox communities from their crops. But in instances where those have been tried and failed, limited lethal DMP, or Damage Mitigation Permits, will be provided.

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