10 May, 2012

vote for Prof David Hood

We all recognise the qualities of a good leader when we see them in action. But what exactly is this quintessential mix of characteristics and skills that can mobilise, inspire, affect or ‘make a difference’? While we may not be able to nail down exactly what makes a leader, which will be different for everyone, we do have a forum within which to acknowledge them. 

The occasion of the WME Leaders List is an opportunity to consider the contribution of individuals in the sustainability and environment business sphere. Most other ‘green’ accolades celebrate organisational leadership and best practice, and while there may be dynamic individuals involved in these organisations they are not personally recognised.

The WME Leaders List also touches on a number of interesting questions. Will a new business paradigm, ushered in by a carbon constrained economy produce a new kind of leader? If the WMELeaders List is anything to go by, then there could be a case for arguing that new ways to approaching business operations and managing relationships both inside and outside of organisations is a necessary part of a sustainable approach.

While environmental and sustainability issues have produced outstanding individuals who have managed to put long-neglected issues on the agendas of government and industry, have they been so successful in moving through the ranks of corporate structures?

What we have seen in the last two iterations of the WME Leaders List biennial program, started in 2008, is that our leaders have come from a wide range of contexts and positions. Some have been influential in the government sphere, while others have transformed their own roles within businesses to take on a more sustainable agenda.

While much sustainability activity at a corporate level is driven from the top down, the WME Leaders List has seen a number of corporate leaders awarded such as Richard Pratt, Doug Dean, Bob Welsh, Maria Atkinson and Andrew Stock, to name a few.

Add to this a long list of luminaries in government and the NGO sector, water and wastewater, energy and carbon, including the likes of Alan Pears, Don Henry, Anne Prince, Robert Purves and Malcolm Turnbull.

This year includes six categories – Corporate Sustainability, Energy & Carbon, Urban & Industrial Water, Government & NGO, Resources & Waste – and the final category of X-Factor which is for those who display leadership which really allows them to shine. 

 readers have taken the opportunity in recent weeks to nominate the individuals they believe are making a difference when it comes to sustainability and environment. The panel of judges had also put forward its suggested nominees, to create a strong field of contenders.

Now it’s time for you to have your say.     To place your votes (you can select one winner in each of six categories but you do not have to vote in all categories), go to:http://www.wme.com.au/magazine/leaders_list_wme.htm 

Descriptions of each of the nominees can be found in the current print edition of WME, May edition out now. Voting closes at 5pm on May 22, 2012.


David Hood
Hood has inspired a generation or two of engineering professionals and influenced thousands to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and engineer a better world. Through lifelong, passionate and voluntary commitment to professional societies and industry associations he has driven a change in the international engineering community. He has been responsible for making green engineering "sexy" and affordable. Through his business undertakings, teaching and his own consulting company, Hood has facilitated the uptake of sustainability as an imperative for (commercial) survival. As consultant he is engineering practice specialising in the areas of sustainability in the built environment, “green projects”, energy efficiency policy, engineering education and global engineering infrastructure. Hood is actively involved with industry and professional associations promoting the improved energy performance of buildings. As an investor, Chairman, and Board member he led the successful turnaround of CBD Energy Limited, a small public company involved in energy saving technology and solutions for the property industry. 

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