10 May, 2013

100 Mums

I wonder if 100 Mums will let me join them.

An exciting new venture, 100 Mums, has just launched! 

Connecting professional women who have chosen to become mums and the employers who so desperately miss their expertise, the 100 Mums network offers women a flexible way to work at the skill level that they are used to and a smart, economically-sound solution for businesses to flexibly enhance their existing teams. 

It’s a great story, so they would love it if you would help spread the word!

Does your business (or a business you know) need someone to join your team for a project, or have a skill gap that you need filled with someone who is smart, focused and flexible?

Are you a professional woman taking time out to be a mum? Married to one? Have friends or family combining motherhood with a firm desire to still contribute to the workforce, but not quite sure how?

100 Mums specialise in contracts and projects, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, Communications, Recruitment, Public Relations, Networking, Copywriting, On Demand Personal Assistants and Market Research

100 Mums for business

100 Mums offers smart businesses an economically-sound solution to resourcing requirements. We have created a resource pool of highly-skilled, dynamic women that businesses can tap into as and when they need. The women are from successful corporate backgrounds that are able to offer their skills for contract, project work and on-going part time work. Businesses can now reach a higher level of experience and skills without the expense of high recruitment fees or committing to a full time employee agreement.

100 Mums find flexible solutions for your business and offer flexible opportunities to women. By working with 100 Mums our team is on hand to help improve your business - from high level strategy to administration, we have the skill set.

Become a 100 Mum
If you have an impressive business track record and strive for a work/life balance, please email team@100mums.com.au to start the conversation! 100 Mums works differently to a recruitment agency; They’ve created a trusted team of women ready for work as and when businesses require. 

100 Mums are looking to expand that team – by joining 100 Mums, you will be part of a supportive community of flexible working, business-savvy women that have a passion for excellence in business, whilst balancing their family commitments.

To find out more, visit their website 
www.100mums.com.au .

So whether you’re a business with a short term need (or you know one), or you’re an amazing mum (or you know one), they’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for helping spread the word!


100 Mums

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