30 September, 2011

Sustainable Business Weekly QLD Edition [Silo Smashing, Business Sustainability, RiverPrize, CopperString, Cycling]

The SSEE International Conference

The Society of Sustainability and Environmental Engineering 2011 bi-annual conference 'Escaping Silos' is on in Brisbane from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 October 2011

Keynote speakers

The SSEE 2011 International Conference organisers are pleased to confirm the following Key Note speakers:

· Annie Leonard the writer and presenter of the Story of Stuff and the Story of Cap and Trade

· Paul Gilding, author of the Great Disruption

· Dr Carol Boyle, International Centre for Sustainability Engineering and Research

· Krista Milne, City of Melbourne Manager Sustainability

· Amanda McKenzie of Australian Youth Climate Coalition

To register your interest in attending go to the Registration of Interest page on the conference website.

Business Sustainability and Global Reporting

In professional practice, Business Leaders are starting to use some relatively new terminology and tools relating to Sustainability, tied into Global Reporting.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) invites practitioners to participate in the first Public Comment Period for G4 – the fourth generation of GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

A Business Sustainability Manager at water utility, state that Business Sustainability has moved beyond the 1987 Brundtland Report to encompass economic, social and environmental values. GRI is one of the drivers.

The survey closes on 24 November 2011. For further details please see the GRI website

AWA Water Sector Sustainability Framework - update

The Australian Water Association’s Water Sector Sustainability Framework has been developed to assist AWA's Corporate Members embed sustainability principles and practices within their business activities, and encourages organisations to assess their progress. The Framework consists of a Sustainability Charter for the water sector, providing a set of Sustainability Principles by which participants can guide their business activities.

The Framework also provides a Business Case for participation and a Toolkit which will in time be developed into an online 'Sustainability Knowledge Point'.

AWA is now ready for Corporate Members to sign-up to the Framework and Charter. For further details about the Framework and how to participate please visit the website.

Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative wins the Riverprize

The International River Foundation (IRF) awarded the Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative (coordinated by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Partners) the National Riverprize for excellence in improving river health and engaging numerous communities in the Sunshine Coast region.

Sunshine Coast Rivers Initiative won the award for their impressive collection of river-health planning and on-ground achievement in six catchment areas, totalling approximately 5000km of waterways across the Sunshine Coast and southeast Queensland.

Each year, the National Riverprize is presented, along with the Thiess International Riverprize, at the International Riversymposium

Visit the International RiverFoundation website for further details.

Copperstring Pork barrels?

There are rumours of a new levy for Electricity consumers in Queensland to tip some funds into the CopperString project. CopperString is a proposal to construct a transmission line from Woodstock (south of Townsville) to Dajarra Road near Cloncurry in North West Queensland.

The CopperString project proponents (rumoured to be mates and/or relatives of Bob Katter) are trying to build a business case which includes renewable energy projects along the proposed transmission line to supply clean energy to the National Electricity Market. The business case is full of holes.

There needs to be more scrutiny of the funding arrangements, to ensure Businesses across Queensland are not subsidizing cheap electricity to a few beneficiaries in the Resources sector.

There needs to be a sustainability analysis and an options study on distributed electricity generation and supply. It does not always make sense to keep extending one grid.

The project has a total financing requirement of approximately AU$1.5 billion.

New Cycling Strategy?

Queensland’s new cycle strategy attempt to get more people cycling, more often, while Governments at all levels have historically failed to provide adequate cycling infrastructure.

The new 2011-21 strategy builds on focuses on four key areas:

  • building safe, directed and connected cycle networks
  • growing a cycling culture
  • creating cycle-friendly communities
  • developing a cycling economy.

View or download a copy of the Queensland Cycling Strategy or Contact: cycles@tmr.qld.gov.au

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