08 October, 2011

Green Poo, Wee & Water, Green Eggs & Ham

My colleauges and I have observed the following:

· Most water/sewage treatment utilities have their retail prices to their customers capped by State Government regulation to a maximum of CPI increases;

· Consumers in other industiries have demonstrated a willingness to pay a premium for "Green" products such as green power or voluntary carbon offsets;

· Water distribution & sewerage systems are effectively grid connected;

· Water Utilities could develop premium water & sewage treatment services and offer them to their customers;

· These services might allow customers to pay additional charges on their water and sewage treatment bills to fund environmental initiatives such as:

o urine separation (at source) and phosphorus recovery;

o digestion of biosolids to generate electricity;

o solar disinfection of drinking water;

o nutrient recovery from sewage effluent streams….

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