19 April, 2012

DERM is dead

On 30 March 2012 the Queensland Government announced machinery-of-government changes for departments. The functions of the former Department of Environment and Resource Management will now be delivered by the following departments:

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
Minister: Andrew Powell
Director-General: Andrew Chesterman

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Minister: Andrew Cripps, Assistant Minister: Lisa France
Acting Director-General: Dan Hunt

Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing
Minister: Steve Dickson
Acting Director-General: John Glaister

Department of Energy and Water Supply
Minister: Mark McArdle
Acting Director-General: Tim Spencer

A number of reviews are underway including:
* a review to change the way water licences are issued and enforced;
* an investigation and enforcement processes for alleged illegal vegetation clearing is underway.

1 comment:

  1. Large organisations such as DERM make great targets, clearly they were slowing down Qld mining and development applications. Could that be, because consideration of possible environmental damage, if mining goes ahead in some areas, actually matters!! "DERM is the biggest problem Department in the State,... infiltrated by extremist greenies" according to Campbell Newman earlier this year, quoted in the Brisbane Times. Well, maybe DERM makes a good target, and had to be killed off by Newman for its sins, but individuals who care about the environment are not so easily removed. I'm one of those people and I intend to step up (hate to use a Dr Phil saying, but it fits). I have written to the Courier-Mail and the ABC already. I'm disgusted that a Qld politician can implement his personal agenda with so little opposition. The 7.30 Report are going to do a story on some of the issues. Individuals can make a difference. I don't want Campbell Newman to think environment protection was voted out with the Labor Party. Good on you Rowan for your work on this blog. You are making a difference! We need more ecology minded people to get involved right now.