15 June, 2011

Downward pressure on water bills - circular arguments

Check this amazing piece of logic.....

The State Government (which is responsible for bulk water prices) are going to spend a shitload of money, putting downward pressure on the Councils to limit water prices.


Minister Robertson said the Bligh Government will also maintain its focus on
South East Queensland's water supply, demand management and keeping water
prices fair in this year's Budget.

"The Queensland Water Commission will continue to play an important role
like maintaining downward pressure on water bills with a total revenue of
$20.9 million this year.

"The price cap on distribution and retail water and wastewater charges will
begin on 1 July 2011 and remain in place for two years," Mr Robertson said.
"This will protect consumers from the considerable price increases many
Councils would otherwise have made.

"The price cap is in direct response to local governments which are not
listening to their community and not accepting responsibility for soaring
water and wastewater prices in South East Queensland.

"The Commission's priorities will also include the implementation of
recommendations in the SEQ Water Strategy and a review of the bulk water
price path which is due in 2012-2013.

"Work will also be carried out on the finalisation of a review of water use
efficiency measures.

"The Commission will continue its work in planning for the provision o f
south east Queensland's safe, secure and sustainable water supply," he

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