04 June, 2011

my obituary.....a work in progress

The Jen Hansen put out the challenge some time ago, to write one's own obituary.

I added a degree of difficulty by choosing to write my own obituary in Suessian poetry.

I changed vocations a couple of months ago. In my new vocation, I do not have the luxury of having time to think or write poetry as much as I did in my previous role.

Therefore the following obituary is a work in progress, that I have been tinkering with in my spare time.

Did you ever hear of Rowan of Normanby?
Challenged to write his own obituary.
Well, he was and it wasn't an easy thing to produce.
Writing of oneself in the genre of ‘Suess’

How was he remembered? What’s his legacy?
Will he be known for obsession with poo & with wee?
Did his children grow up to be nobel & wise?
What did they say & think after his demise?

He sometimes wished he studied medicine,
Or etched a career in another discipline.
Sometimes he regretted working in gas & oil.
And sometimes he wished, he farmed food from the soil.

However, he’d shelved his regrets and learnt to move on.
He wrote lots of poetry and rewrote lots of songs.
He strove to be green. He sought to be happy.
He had tried to be clean. He changed many a nappy.

He hated shopping & cooking. He ate to subsist.
Yet he cooked for his loved ones & shopped from a list.

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