02 June, 2011

My letter to Capt Quirk about amenity impacts on my Community

Capt. Graham Quirk
Lord Mayor
Brisbane City Council,

Dear Lord Mayor,

I would like to apologise if I seemed a little arrogant or aggressive, when talking to you this morning on @612Brisbane's Breakfast radio programme.

However, my question went un-answered. What are you (as Lord Mayor of Brisbane City Council) going to do, to improve the amenity of my community?

My community will have its amenity severely compromised, by the activities of Brisbane City Council & its contractors (TransCity) whilst building & operating the Northern Link Road Tunnel.

We have already established the TransCity are going to do the bare minimum possible to meet their contractual obligations. Colin Jenner (the former Coordinator General)'s conditions are seen as mere suggestions.

So the question remains: what are you going to do, to assist us? What are you going to do to improve our conditions (that were already compromised by previous regimes including Sally-Anne & Jim Soorley)?

There is an opportunity for Brisbane City Council &/or Qld Rail to improve the connectivity between our community & Spring Hill via the walkway between Normanby & Brisbane Girl's Grammar School.

There is an opportunity to improve the street scape.

There is an opportunity to address our local traffic & parking concerns.

Please DO NOT respond with a letter, thanking me for drawing these matters to your attention.

Please inform my dear friends & neighbours & I, what you plan to do & how you will respond to our frustrations!


Rowan Barber

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