28 June, 2011

Compliance Alert 2/2011 - Adequacy of Systems and Training

Compliance Alert 2/2011 - Adequacy of Systems and Training

DERM develops compliance alerts to highlight commonly occurring areas of non-compliance, and outline the steps that can be taken to improve performance and avoid enforcement action. The alerts include a description of problems that are regularly encountered, the strategies that can be implemented to address those problems, and case studies that provide practical examples of the consequences of those problems.

Analysis of DERM's litigation activities has highlighted that two common reasons for operators to breach the Environmental Protection Act 1994 - failure to:

  • adequately train staff
  • develop and implement adequate systems to manage environmental risk.

Compliance Alert 2/2011 provides case studies that illustrate how this failure can result in significant environmental damage, and prompt enforcement action by DERM.

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