15 April, 2012


Here we are now, entertain us.

Last night, my beloved & I, attended the Cherry Blossom heat of Iron Improviser at the Brisbane Arts Theatre.

It had been a while (decades, in fact) since we had been to Theartre Sports, when sit down comedy used to reside at the Dockside Hotel at Kangaroo Point.

Some of the actors (improvisers) looked very familiar and may have been the same actors we knew & loved decades ago. Some of the actors would have been in primary school in the early 1990's. Some of the actors, (although they are barely acquaintances) are very familiar to me, via the voyeurism that is https://twitter.com/#!/

The Master of Ceremonies, some of the audience members & the bloke providing the musical accompaniment were also very familiar to me. Some of there aforementioned & I were growing old & had never (previously) walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence. However, we were well acquainted due to https://twitter.com/#!/.

I digress: https://twitter.com/#!/ is a strange phenomena. One can become intimately acquainted with complete strangers, by following their twitter feed. Facebook seems to be mostly full of people that I used to know. https://twitter.com/#!/ seems to be full of people that I like to know (many of whom, I have never met in person).

The format of Iron Improviser was very similar to the Theartre Sports of old. The games had evolved a little. The actors had evolved a little. One of the actors had procreated and his (~7 year old) daughter was in the audience heckling.

The Master of Ceremonies is a George Street political correspondent by day. Her spare time appears to be taken up writing, directing, producing and performing in amateur theatre. She is very professional. The only amateur aspect is that she appear to all these amazing feats for love and not for money.

I digress again: The arts in Queensland is poorly patronised. Having moved 7 times, across various States: from Brisbane to Melbourne to Brisbane to Port Hedland to Adelaide and eventually settling back in Brisbane.

Some of the best theatre I have ever seen was at the Matt Dann Cultural Centre in South Hedand (North West, Western Australia). The resources sector provided funding for NIDA trained & local enthusiastic actors to put on world class productions (including the Vagina monologues).

My beloved & I have attended the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and I have come to the belief that Brisbane has world class Arts including comedy, theatre etc.... It is a shame that Brisbane theatre lacks the patronage & financial support that one sees interstate and overseas.

....to be continued.....

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