08 April, 2012

Never a bride

Natalie Bochenski (also known as GirlClumsy) recently wrote a blog post on never being a bridesmaid. Here is my take on the whole Samantha Brick kerfuffle.

I think the former QldPremier made a valid point the other day when she tweeted: " good evening! I think it's time for you get a new name - 'girlwonder' for example -'girlclumsy' not good enough for you!"

I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

Firstly, I'd like to comment on the whole 'beauty' thing.

There are "blue chip" public companies who's entire revenue stream depends on making women (and men) feel insecure about our physical appearance.

Fashion, cosmetics, media companies & miscellaneous bloggers all conspire to perpetuate the myths associated with beauty.

As a bloke, with vocational training in biology, chemistry & physics and an amateur interest in psychology & integrated marketing communication, the ads with Megan Gale banging on about the 10 signs of aging, just shit me to tears.

How the hell am I going to raise Bug (aged 2.5) and slug (aged 7 months) into functional, well adjusted women? Bug is skinny & has food intolerances. Slug looks like the Michelin Man.

I don't have good strategies in place yet. For starters: calling them "Bug" & "Slug" probably is not wise. I wonder how I raise confident, self assured kids who don't rely on face paint & glad rags for their esteem. How do I teach them self worth that is not comparative?

One thing I have learnt, is that self esteem (by my functional definition) can fluctuate with moods & circumstance. Self worth has to be the intrinsic value one attributes to oneself in spite of mood & circumstances.

Secondly, although I have compromised my androgeny by growing a beard, most of my close friends are women. I have filled the role of a bridesmaid. I don't think it had anything to do with my beauty or lack there of.

Thirdly, as a parent of infants, I don't have a lot of disposable time to invest in maintaining close friendships. My bestest friend is my beloved wife.


  1. Not sure a male would ever "get" this, Rowan. Totally respect your opinion but I'm very happy with my love of lippy and a good hair day. It does make me feel good.

  2. @Nicky - I'd never thought you'd be a junkie! :)