11 July, 2011

Energetics - Climate Change Matters Newsletter


Dear Rowan

Click on the following articles to read Energetics' analysis of the government's planned introduction of a $23 per tonne carbon price.

For media enquiries and to arrange an interview with an Energetics' spokesperson, please contact Meg Wrixon on 02 9929 3911.


Meg Wrixon
PR Manager

Immediate Opportunity
The government left open the opportunity for businesses not yet assessed for compensation, businesses can make new applications.

Enabling legislation to be tabled 31 July, 2011.


Jonathan Jutsen, Executive Director, ph. 02 9929 3911

Peter Holt, Principal Consultant, ph 02 9929 3911

Nigel Hartnup, Principal Consultant, ph 02 9929 3911

Brian Innes, Principal Consultant, ph 08 9429 6400

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